Disclaimer: This post was written from a male perspective, and it's just for laughs.

1) We think numbers are almost as sexy as you – Need to split a bill or calculate a tip? Don’t reach for the calculator this time, because we’ve probably computed it in our heads whilst impressing you with riveting tales from the office.

2) We’re exceptional decision makers – We can look at situations holistically and make rational, informed decisions.  You can always depend on a critical thinking accountant to plan a flawless day at the beach, or a sneaky surprise for your birthday. Indecisive about the black or red dress? We'll love you in either, but you can be sure we'll help you make the right decision.

3) We’re all about ethics – Have you ever watched the TV show, cheaters? How many of them were accountants? Much like our principles based accounting standards, we’ve got solid principles too.

4) … And we’re real cautious about related parties – All good accountants know the consequences and standards around related party transactions. Fortunately for you, this probably means that your cute sister is out of the question.

5) …But we still find all the loopholes – Want to get out of that euchre tournament with your Grandma that you promised you’d attend? ? Leave it to an accountant to find a practical, reasonable explanation for your absence that is entirely within the rules. The possibilities are endless!

6) We’ve got brains AND brawn – Chuck Liddell, UFC champion and all-round prince charming started his career as an accountant.  Would you fight Chuck Liddell?

7) We’re lifetime learners – Our profession requires us to be constantly learning and adapting to new practices and standards. We’d be more than willing to take that jazz dance class with you, and we’ll pick it up in no time! Think of how impressed the neighbours will be…

8) No commitment issues – Think about it, we all stuck with accounting despite the allure of fashionable careers in Engineering, Law, or Computer Science. If we know you’re a keeper and for good reasons, we can disregard the other partner candidates in our life with ease.

9) We don’t expect you to cook for us – We put in some serious hours at the office/with our clients, so we’re never home for 6’ oclock anyways. The only dinner you need to worry about ‘being on the table’ is your own.

10) We age well – Meet Mick Jagger, former student of accountancy. You can be sure that loveable face was built on debits and credits, and his youthful energy and libido was certainly a result of him dabbling in a bit of double-entry ;)



Kelly Potvin
08/24/2013 7:52am

Wow! Very funny Dave :)
I shared this on my fb w my post saying...
Im not an acct. It's against state (I know... im canadian) for an acct to have a sense of humour, but I am a great bookkeeper n tax preparer so call me. Lets talk. ;)
Thank you for the chuckles.


03/03/2014 4:37pm

Very true my bf is a account and this is funny!

03/03/2014 4:38pm

** accountant

03/08/2014 2:52am

Your substance as well as the way you display the issue is magnificent. Especially this one is articulating the feeling of the exchange. Your word of honor force is amazing. Keep it up.


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